Welcome to the Sacramento Walk of Stars!

The Sacramento region boasts some of the world’s greatest entertainers and artists, athletes, journalists, entrepreneurs and scientists. Sacramento Walk of Stars honors national and worldwide accomplishments made by those who call or once called the Sacramento region home. We are excited to be honoring some of Sacramento’s most notable Stars for 2023. The celebration gala featuring our 2023 Stars will be will be held in Spring, 2024.

Our honorees represent Sacramento’s best and brightest. For more information, follow us on Facebook.

Past Honorees

2021 Honoring Frontline
and Healthcare Workers

  • Doctors
    Local doctors have done valiant work in a volatile work environment and emotionally charged care for the sick and dying.
  • Nurses
    Nurses, PAs, assistants, coordinators and administrators work daily through Covid 19 treatments, testing and vaccinations to save lives.
  • Restaurant & Retail
    From grocery stores and drug stores to retailers and food service, essential workers have found ways to stay open and serve the needs of customers.
  • City Employees
    City and government workers have never stopped providing waste collection, water treatment, building permits, law enforcement, park maintenance and more.


  • Dusty Baker
    Outstanding Major League Baseball Player and Manager
  • Summer Sanders
    Olympic Gold Medalist, Sports Commentator and TV Show Host
  • Urijah Faber
    MMA World Champion and UFC Hall of Famer
  • Darrell Corti
    Legendary Food and Wine Expert


  • Billy Mills
    Olympic Athlete & Humanitarian
  • Russ Solomon
    Entrepreneur & Founder of Tower Records
  • Ruthie Bolton
    WNBA Star & Olympic Athlete
  • Nicholas Sparks
    Novelist, Screenwriter & Producer


  • Debbie Meyer
    Olympic Althlete
  • Gregory Kondos
    Visual Artist
  • LeVar Burton
    Actor & Activist
  • Dr. Ernie Bodai
    Surgeon & Advocate
  • Timothy B. Schmit